Executive Protection

Did you know that a bodyguard is not an Executive Protection agent? Personal Protection is just one aspect of it. Your agents should also not draw more attention than you do. That defeats the purpose – as you want to draw less attention.

Who is Personal protection for? If you are a corporate executive, diplomat or celebrity you are exposed to increased personal risk. It could make you the target of a physical attack or kidnapping. Having Executive Protection Agents will give you peace of mind.

If you prefer to have less obvious protection. Agents are dressed in a what they blend in with the crowd.

You can go about your daily routine without constantly feeling the presence of one of our agents. If desired, even YOU are unaware of who your Agent is.

Our services are:

  • Executive Protection
  • Speaker Protection
  • Entourage Protection

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  • Chaperone Protection
  • Travel Protection

Our solutions may include:

Residential Security Team

Physical protection of your residential property, occupants, vehicles, traffic in and out, and in the area will give you peace of mind.

The team will either be in a command center located inside the home or in a  nearby location.

They will monitor the camera and security system, observe traffic coming in and out of the residence, secure the residential perimeter by conducting foot or mobile patrols, and conduct routine checks on all doors, windows, and locks.

Security Driving Service

Never worry about your safety and keep focusing on your business by having a certified Security Professional driving you from one destination to another. We are using all necessary security protocols and measures. Our agents are trained as Concierge Drivers, certified in First-Aid, Trauma Care, Situational Awareness, and Self-Defense. They are also experienced in handling dynamic situations.

Courier Service

Do you want to make sure that your intellectual property or assets safely arrive at a specific destination? This service focuses on transporting a product, information, material, etc., from one location to another. All means of transportation are available to perform this service.

Technical Security Countermeasures

Feel safe discussing any topic in your home or office without unwanted listeners. We perform an electronic surveillance sweep, also known as a “bug” sweep. We provide this highly specialized service to detect the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones.
This solution also includes Counter Surveillance. Meaning we will undertake measures to prevent surveillance by others, including Covert Surveillance.

Counter Surveillance may include electronic and non-electronic methods such as:

Doxing Mitigation

Are you worried about what Social Media can do to you or your business’ reputation? “Doxing” can be very harmful. It involves the act of publishing another person’s personal information for intimidation, humiliation, harassment, etc. Amongst others, the individuals’ published information can include contact information, address, engagement announcements, tax records, notices of political involvement, and many more details.

Security Is The New Necessity

Executive Protection Solutions

Executive Protection pays for itself. By saving time and being more productive it creates return on investment for you. Low profile, highly trained Agents. Screened & selected for their ability to protect you and your family’s, privacy, public image, and reputation.