Our Mission

Ensure that nothing interferes with your ability to pursue your desires and goals. Leveraging a fit for risk security matrix, we custom source security solutions for your needs, brand, and lifestyle. We help you reclaim your time and eliminate your fear for your safety. At the same time we provide a healthy, safe, and secure work environment for our team.

“One can’t put a price tag on feeling safe and
the peace of mind that goes along with it.”


Roy Smith: CEO and Executive Protection Director

Viking Executive Protection Solutions is a diverse-owned, Texas based full service private security firm. We will protect your business or family regardless of size, location, or the number of people that it takes to keep you safe.

Our officers are experienced Security Professionals, former Military or Law Enforcement, or professionals.

How does that translate to you as a client? It means that we are professionals in our training and ethics.

We understand how to perform our job to the highest standards available. Our ability to handle any situation is unmatched by any other security agency.

We help you protect your personnel, assets, infrastructure, and reclaim your time.

Team First Mission Always

Why Choose Us

Company Goals / Vision

Providing a higher level of security for a higher level of client. We will revolutionize the way people live and travel by becoming a paradigm shifting security solutions provider.

Educating people to be proactive rather than reactive and why it is important. It is a limiting believe it is not needed. Security is NOT a luxury - it is the new necessity.

Collaboration - merging eco-systems can create bigger and better things. It is not each to their own. It is everyone together for your safety.

Viking will not only be an option but the best option. Which, in return, makes us the only option.

Giving you the ability to feel comfortable being protected and helping you reclaim your time.

Getting the industry out of the 90’s. Be more customer oriented, offering a concierge like service.

Our Core Values

Making our clients feel safe – by delivering unparalleled standards of excellence.

Pursuing growth – helping others on the team regardless of rank.

 Building trust-based relationships – by active listening and transparency.

 Creating a safe and positive work environment – by backing our team and building a family-spirit.

Exercising open communication – by being as transparent as possible and exercising communicating the right way is essential.

Being professional and passionate – by providing a clients-first service with the highest level of integrity.

Honoring diversity – by celebrating each other’s

Being conscious of time – by respecting everyone’s time, having rather short and productive meetings.

Making a difference – by continuously improving our standards and disrupting the industry.

 Implementing change – by finding ways to overcome the lack of support for mental health in the security industry.